Safety Tip

Electrocution Prevention

What can you do to prevent an electrocution or ESD fatality? Here are 6 tips:

> Never Swim around boat docks that use electricity.
> Post “No Swimming” signs.
> Have a qualified electrician with experience in dock electrical service inspect your private dock annually.
> Install ground-fault protection on your boat and private dock.
> Ask your marina if they have installed ground-fault protection and if the electrical system is inspected and tested annually.
> Periodically test your boat for electrical discharge.

What do you do if you see a distressed person in the water near a boat dock?

A drowning victim often looks “playful,” while an electric shock drowning victim looks “distressed.” It may be difficult, however, to immediately determine either, so play it safe by not jumping in.

The first task is to shut off power to the dock at the breaker panel, and if equipped, disconnect any power cable to the vessel. If power cannot be shut down, follow the “reach, throw, row, but don’t go” mantra by using an oar, boat hook or throw a flotation device to reach the stricken person.

Safety Tip

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