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Preparation for a Storm

Manager Liberty Marina - Wednesday, September 06, 2017





Make your plan, simplicity is best depending on your boat and situation, but no matter how detailed your plan and checklist are, it won’t work if you don’t do it! So here are some BASIC things that should be done, but it’s not a complete list or boat specific.

Here are some helpful links to learn more about Hurricane Preparation:

Boat US:


When Should you take Action?

A hurricane "warning" = 74 mph or higher are expected within 24 hours or less--too late, in most situations, to head for the boat. Securing the house, gathering emergency provisions, and evacuating the family will need attention at this point.

A hurricane "watch" is posted when hurricane conditions pose a threat to a specified coastal area, usually within 36 hours, some also believe this to be too late to act on securing you boat.

The best advice is to prepare or move your boat when a hurricane is a substantial possibility, even before a watch is issued. If you wait longer, and your plan includes relocating the boat, bridges may be locked down and the hurricane hole you chose may be inaccessible. Or, if you planned to have your boat weather the storm ashore, you may find the marina is too busy to haul your boat

What you can do to protect your boat?

The Basics


Remove the roller furling headsail.

Remove the mainsail. Wrap it with line if a light storm is expected.

Double up all lines, add spring lines and extra lines as needed.

Remove canvas, maybe the frames.

Have chafe protection on lines.

Have lots of fenders.

Make sure all gear on deck and below is stowed.

Make Sure your batteries are fully charged in case of power outage on land.

Clear all cockpit scuppers/drains so the boat will drain as designed.

If your boat is on a LIFT, DO NOT TIE YOUR BOAT TO THE LIFT, tie off to a piling.

If you can, be there during the storm to adjust your lines. You will also learn a lot on what is working and what is not. Observe other boats, too, and encourage neighbors to prepare their boats, so they don’t destroy yours. Under No circumstances should you go out on a pier that is submerged without checking with the marina about status of electricity on the docks.

To Haul Out or Not to?

Some insurance carriers will pay portion or all cost for a haul out and launch in the case of a named storm, so check with your carrier to learn how and if you are covered. If you have questions about the possibility of Liberty Marinas Haul Out process for a storm, please call Liberty Marine Services at 410-266-7440 or the office at Liberty Marina (410) 266-5663.


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